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Tentakulum Painters Threads

Braided Rayon Ribbon Floss

Braided Rayon Ribbon Floss

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Tentakulum Painters Threads Braided Rayon Ribbon Floss

COLOUR: Claude. M

Our Braided rayon ribbon floss is hand and dyed, softly braided ribbon made of rayon. Its unique construction gives it great pliability, a smooth hand and provides great versatility for embellishment stitches. Pairing of two fibres with light reflective properties enhances the depth of appliqué and the 3-D textural effects of stitchery. Braided Ribbon Floss has the ability to ruche. By pulling one of the threads in the weave you can create great dimensional detail.
  • Recommended Needle:  Milliners #1, Chenille #24
  • Imported from Germany
  • Hand dyed by Tentakulum Painters Threads
  • 10 meter spool


      • Cross Stitch
      • Vaulted Vault
      • Needlepoint
      • Flat Stitch
      • Stramine Embroidery
      • Rug Hooking
      • Ribbon Embroidery
      • Nodule Stitches
      • Canvas Embroidery
      • Stumpwork
      • Blast
      • Rouching
      • Trellis
      • Crochet/Knit
      • Weave
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