Tentakulum Painters Threads

Words cannot fully express the exceptional quality of Tentakulum Painters Threads. To attempt to convey the allure of these exquisite products, one might say that each is a work of art in its own right.
Here's the astonishing truth: every spool of thread, every metallic spool, every whimsical button bag, and all linens and canvases are the creation of a single individual. Baerbel, the proprietor of House of Textile Arts and the Creator/Artist behind Tentakulum Painters Threads, is the sole artisan behind these masterpieces."

Since 1995, the House of Textile Arts has served as a beacon of inspiration for those with a creative spirit. Here, you can delve into a realm filled with an array of colors and techniques. Treat yourself to the luxurious feel of silk, cotton, wool, and more.

All products from Tentakulum Painters Threads are hand-dyed, never hand over-dyed. This signifies that Baerbel begins with a completely uncolored canvas on textiles prepared for dyeing. Tentakulum Painters Threads products are sourced from the most elite textile manufacturers in the world, Au Ver a Soie, DMC, Ubelhor & Zweigart. Painters Threads products are crafted using a unique dyeing method exclusive to the House of Textile Arts for embroidery threads. The dye baths used in Painters Thread's paints change frequently, offering an element of delightful surprise.

The yarns and fabrics are individually dyed, resulting in unique patterns for each dyeing batch. Each dye batch is distinct. When using Painters Threads in your project, you will notice that the worked areas exhibit a beautifully subtle and continuous blend of Painters colors, rather than a repeating pattern. This ensures that every project is absolutely one-of-a-kind! All 40 colorways harmonize wonderfully with one another.

Painters threads are crafted by hand exclusively in our small dye house. We utilize fiber-reactive dyes, termed 'reactive' because they form a new chemical compound with the fiber, ensuring relatively high color fastness, robust fixation strength, and superior washability of any excess dye. Due to the dyeing technique described above and variations in screen displays, the final product may differ significantly from the images shown. Remember, each dye batch is a unique work of art. One batch may feature more specks of a particular color, while the next may have that same color added more sparingly and applied differently. The color chart provided is a general guide only, indicating the basic colors present within that colorway."


When using Tentakulum Painters Threads in your project make sure to purchase enough to finish your project due to each dye batches uniqueness.

As with all hand-dyed products, color fastness cannot be guaranteed.