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SR69 Woodlands

SR69 Woodlands

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Directly imported from Japan, for H of E, our 100% silk ribbon has no joins and is delightfully soft and easy to work with. 
Silk ribbon is most often used for ribbon embroidery and needle painting, either on its own or in creative combinations with other threads. Our hand dyed silk ribbon works very effectively in ribbon painting, most popularly used when creating ribbon flowers and greenery. The different thicknesses in our silk ribbon are perfect to use together to achieve texture and variety in your projects, without changing the colour palette. Ribbon flowers made from our silk ribbon can also be transformed into beautiful accessories, hairclips or decorative brooches. Also makes fabulous Frech & Colonial Knots and simple Daisy Stitches. Use your imagination with these fabulous ribbons.

  • 4mm width
  • 3 meters on card
  • Imported from South Africa
  • Fair Trade

If you require more of a certain colour then I have in stock please let me know what your needs are. I can special order the amounts you need so they come from the same dye batch. As these are hand dyed sometimes the variegation can be subtly different for each dye batch. They take great care to maintain consistancy but I cannot guarantee exact colours.  House of Embroidery is quite fast and easy for me to deal with and your price stays the same for special orders. 

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