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Tentakulum Painters Threads



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Crewel Wool 
Hand Dyed by Tentakulum Painters Threads

Colourway: CHAGALL
Product # WKR-chagall (Pre-Order)

Crewel Wool is a two ply, combed, non-strandable lambs wool. Like all animal/protein fibers, it has a wonderful refraction of light, giving you beautiful color effects. The soft, light sheen material is suitable for all textile techniques and makes a nice contrast to other embroidery threads. An ideal product for blanket stitch appliqué, needlepoint or embroidery where a subtle sheen and color change are important.

Choose from 40 exquisite colourways.

  • Recommendation: use cut strands approximately 18-22 inches to prevent wear.
  • Base yarn: Zefir 26/2 Italy, Bella Lusso®, which translates to "beautiful luxury" (note: your product label may read Fleur de Paris Bella Lusso instead of Crewel Wool)
  • 100% lambs wool
  • 25 meter spool
  • Needle Recommended: Embroidery Needle #3, Chenille Needle #22, Tapestry Needle #22


  • Bargello
  • Berlin Wool Work
  • Colbert Embroidery
  • Needlepoint
  • Cross Stitch
  • Hardanger
  • Hemstitch
  • Myreshka
  • Flat Stitch
  • Plush Stitch
  • Rug Hooking
  • Black Embroidery
  • Wessex Embroidery
  • Stramine Embroidery
  • Bandera Embroidery
  • Jacobean Wool Embroidery
  • Needle PAinting
  • Punch Needle
  • Stumpwork
  • Canvas Embroidery
  • Soft Shading
  • Weave
  • Knit
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